Do you feel you have the face and personality that makes you stand out from the crowd? We are not talking about simply being stunning looking but are you able to write about yourself highlighting why you should have men from across the globe voting for you and therefore stand a chance of winning $500 in our quarterly vote and go through to our final at the end of the year where one of the four chosen girls could become our global beauty of 2016 and win a further $2000 first prize.

This could be your first step to stardom as clearly given the promotion behind the voting you may be not just a lucky winner of the prize money but may be spotted by someone in the modelling industry, or even someone who sees your talent in the words you have written to explain more about you.

All we need you to do is submit photos and written information that you think will get men from around the world voting for you in our
quarterly competition and this could really be your ticket to fame and fortune.

Simply fill out the form explaining about yourself and your life, hobbies , skills everything and anything you may feel will win you votes.


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